SEO and SEM projects


Currently, the competitive environment is high and people spend more and more time with smart devices. It is complicated to be found and seen in online space. It is not enough to have good name, logo or website. At first, the potential customers must find you or your business instead of your competitor while using the search engines. It requires SEO project that consists of few stages:

Exhaustive audit of website: assessment of website content, accessibility, functionality, programming errors, etc., provision of suggestions and recommendations.

External SEO: development of qualitative links to website - forums, blogs, SEO articles, advertisements, press releases, social network administration. 

Analysis of opportunities: after having clarified the customer's expectations, the competitive environment and attendance of website are assessed, as well as strategic possibilities and directions are anticipated. 

Permanent support of SEO project. For long-term effect, it is recommended to carry out external SEO constantly. If the market conditions change, the internal SEO must be adjusted accordingly.

Internal SEO: management of website content - text and visual information and its adaptation to search engines, and meta data optimization. If website's content management system lacks of necessary functionalities, the website programmer will carry out technical optimization of the website.